Water Deeply is an in-depth and single subject news site about the California Drought. Produced by News Deeply, Water Deeply was the media and technology companies third single-subject site. I worked with the team at News Deeply to research and develop Water Deeply. I spearheaded the initial needs-finding for the site, developed strategic partnerships, and worked to develop a community engagement strategy. 

In addition to researching and developing the concept, I also published the following articles:

10 Questions: Ralph Petroff, gray-water recycling pioneer

Water Deeply sits down with Ralph Petroff, who aims to make household gray-water recycling as common as your refrigerator.

10 Questions: Joshua Haggmark, Santa Barbara Water Boss

Santa Barbara leaders decide Tuesday whether to spend $55 million to fire up a seawater desalination project that’s been idle for 23 years. Here’s why.

10 Questions: David Malcolm, Showerhead Innovator

As creator of High Sierra Showerheads, David Malcolm offers a shower that might make you forget about the drought – but which still uses only 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

10 Questions: Chris Austin, Water Maven

Chris Austin is infatuated with California’s water infrastructure. And she thinks you should be, too.

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