Pedaling the Divide

Follow three women as they set out to develop a cyclocross race– the likes of which Reno, Nevada has never seen.

Documentary Film

Pedaling the Divide is my first documentary film that I created the film start to finish, acting as director, producer, and editor. The film is a fast-paced 21 minutes long and was selected as a finalist in the DIY Film Festival and was a selection at the Carson City International Film Festival.

In the project, I shot using a variety of camera equipment, including a Canon c100, Nikon d7000 and d300, and GoPro cameras. I also worked with lighting equipment, sound, and studio set-up for the interviews. After the shooting was complete, I took on the entire post-production process starting with logging hours of footage, editing the entire project using Premiere Pro, creating graphics in After Effects, and finalizing the sound and color in Audition and Premiere Pro, respectively.